Free Guide How To Short Sale Your Home - This guide shows you how to do a short sale.  Sell at no cost & get a fresh start!

Hello, I’m Gary Kent of Keller Williams Realty. I’ve helped 200+ clients just like you sell their upside-down San Diego homes and rentals.

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The 8 Key Steps to Short Sale Success

  • Step 1 - Qualifying for a Short Sale
  • Step 2 - Finding the Right Realtor®
  • Step 3 - Determining Your Home’s Value
  • Step 4 - Listing Your Home for Sale
  • Step 5 - Selecting the Best Offer
  • Step 6 - Submit Your Short Sale Package
  • Step 7 - Negotiating with the Bank
  • Step 8 - GOOD NEWS on Deficiency Judgments
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    Short Sale Your Home
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    But everyone’s situation - including yours - is unique.

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